Kenya visa requirements for Cameroonians

Travel and visa requirements

Kenyan Visa is not required for Cameroonians

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Cameroonians visiting Kenya are only required to apply for an electronic visa for a period of 90 days duration of stay.
  • Cameroon passports must reach the validity of 3 months as stipulated by the Kenyan travel requirement.
  • Visitors are advised to leave at least 2 blank pages of their passport for entry stamps.
  • Intending visitors must provide a Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • In Kenya, the associated plug type is G, which is the plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern and the country operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz.
  • Kenya uses the East Africa Time zone (GMT+3) hence, Kenya is 2 hours ahead of Cameroon.
  • Options for getting around Kenya include airlines, trains, car hires and taxis, public transport like 'matatus' and buses.
  • Intending visitors can get to Kenya from Douala international airport, Garoua International airport and Yaounde International airport in Cameroon.
  • The estimated flight time from Yaounde, Cameroon to Nairobi, Kenya is 4 hours, 4 minutes.
  • Visitors are allowed to possess currencies up to 100,000 Kenyan Shillings on exit.
  • The Kenyan Shilling is the currency of Kenya.
  • The Bantu Swahili language and English serve as Kenya’s official languages but there are more speakers of Swahili than English in the country.
  • The popularly cooked Kenyan foods are Maize meal called Ugali, when cooked and unga when raw and rice. Ugali is usually served as a white stiff porridge, good for dipping in stews or making into a makeshift spoon when you eat with your hands.
  • The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, Islam is the second-largest religion in Kenya, other faiths practised in Kenya are Baha'i, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional religions.
  • Lake Victoria is the world’s second-largest freshwater lake found in Kenya. Kenya shares Lake Victoria with Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Mount Kenya national park and Lake Turkana National park are world heritage sites in Kenya and they have 110 different species of bats.
  • Kenya shares its land borders with Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • The biggest five animals rhinos, leopards, lions, buffalo, and elephants can all be found in Kenya.
  • Wildlife safari is the soul of Kenya’s tourism with safe infrastructure like buses, jeep and light aircraft are put in place for the comfort of tourists exploring the country. Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya.
  • Some of the oldest known paleontological records of history have been found in Kenya.
  • Lions and Leopards are part of the landscape of the country which has made Kenya one of East Africa’s favourite Safari destinations.
  • Kenya is also a great place for cultural encounters as there are more than 40 different ethnic groups in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenya most known for?

Kenya is known for the wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara, one of the natural wonders of the world. Kenya also has many other places of world interest that are worth visiting, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Lamu, Kenya's oldest living city. Lamu is known for being the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa.

Is Kenya safe to visit?

 Kenya is a country with high potential risks, although the centres of main cities are safe during the day. Violent crime is common in Kenya, including kidnapping, muggings, armed carjacking, burglaries. Street crimes are the main concern, especially in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Brenda Akasodon Osinge

1 year ago

This is exaggeration


1 year ago

ATI Kenya is a country with high potential risks! What the hell! Kenya is the safest country in East Africa

What is Kenya known for producing?

Kenya is a leading producer of tea and coffee, as well as the third-leading exporter of fresh produce, such as cabbages, onions and mangoes. Small farms grow most of the corn and also produce potatoes, bananas, beans and peas.

What is the primary religion in Kenya?

Approximately 70% of Kenyans are Christians (38% Protestant, 28% Catholic), about 25% are adherents of indigenous religions while 6% are Muslims

Is education free in Kenya?

Primary education is free and compulsory in Kenya. Secondary education is also free but not compulsory. Primary education lasts 8 years in Kenya (standards 1 to 8). Pupils are usually 6 years old when they start school, and 14 when they complete their primary education.

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egbe mbi swaze

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plse how can I a get kenyans visa

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