Macao visa requirements for Cameroonians

Travel and visa requirements

Macanese Visa is not required for Cameroonians

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Cameroon citizens visiting Macao can apply for a visa on arrival provided they intend to stay for a period of 30 days.
  • Cameroonians Intending to visit Macao are required to provide passports valid for the duration of stay.
  • Visitors are advised to leave at least one blank page of their passports for entry stamps.
  • There are no currency restrictions on entry or exit in Macao.
  • There is a need for account declaration to prove the financial capability to support your stay.
  • There is no vaccination certificate required for this country.
  • Due to the outbreak of swine flu, all visitors will be required to fill in a health declaration form.
  • All visitors must have a return or onward tickets.
  • Visitors are advised to have as much as MOP 500 per day to cover the expenses of their visit.
  • There are no restrictions on the foreign currencies taken in and out of the country.
  • Foreign currencies and credit cards are not accepted for the payment of all forms of travel fee.
  • In Macao, the power plugs and sockets are of type D, M, G and F. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Macao uses the China Standard zone (GMT+8) hence, Macao is 7 hours ahead of Cameroon.
  • The estimated flight time from Yaounde, Cameroon to Macao is 14 hours, 17 minutes.
  • The main forms of public transport are buses, taxis and rickshaws.
  • The light rail system is currently under construction, as a result, there is no functioning rail system in Macao.
  • Macao adopts the Macanese pataca as its official currency.
  • Portuguese alongside Chinese is the official language of Macao. 
  • Arms, ammunition, explosives, illegal Chemical and drugs are prohibited in Macao.
  • Minchi is regarded as the national dish. it is made with minced beef or pork (or a combination of the two), diced potatoes stir-fried with onions, and Worcestershire sauce - it’s often topped with a fried egg and served with a side of steaming white rice. It can also be made with chicken, fish, shrimp, or vegetables such as bitter melon or wood ear mushrooms. 
  • Macao is known as “the Las Vegas of Asia” because of its giant casinos and malls.
  • Tourists can also enjoy the resorts, age-old temples and bungee jumping thrills on 765ft Macao Tower in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What country is Macao?

Macao is a Special Administrative Region within the People's Republic of China. Therefore, its capital is the same as the People's Republic of China, which is Beijing.

Is Macao and Macau the same?

The English spelling is traditionally Macao (an archaic Portuguese spelling) and modern Portuguese Macau. Both spellings are official, though the central government consistently spells it Macao, the English way.

What language is spoken in Macao?

Portuguese and Chinese are widely spoken in Macao.

How safe is Macao?

For the most part, Macao is very safe and visitors experience very low levels of crime. However, visitors should take the usual precautions that they would take in any city, eg take extra care of passports, credit cards and money in crowded areas and late at night.

What is the main religion in Macao?

Religion in Macau is represented predominantly by Chinese folk religions and Buddhism. During the period in which the city was under Portuguese rule (1557–1999), the Catholic Church became one of the dominant faiths, but it has greatly declined in recent times.