Maldives visa requirements for Cameroonians

Travel and visa requirements

Maldivan Visa is not required for Cameroonians

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Cameroonians intending to visit Maldives must first apply for an E-visa.
  • This online pre-visa can be granted by the Maldives consulate in the applicant's home country.
  • On presentation of the pre-visa at the border checkpoint of Maldives the traveller is then issued a visa on arrival.
  • This visa is valid for a maximum total stay of 30days within a one-year period.
  • Alongside the printed confirmation that a visa will be issued upon arrival, the traveller must also have a return/onward ticket.
  • A proof of hotel accommodation is also needed, as well as an international certificate of vaccination.
  • Cameroonians intending to visit Maldives are required to provide a passport with six months of validity and with atleast two blank pages for stamps on arrival and departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maldives dangerous to visit??

The FCO has warned tourists to avoid rallies or protests in the capital Male but said that outlying islands and the main international airport are safe. Costs to stay in some of its exclusive resorts - many on private islands - are astronomical, including the £36,000 per night Four Seasons Voavah.

Can you drink alcohol in the Maldives??

Legally, if you're 18 and not a Muslim, you can buy and drink alcohol. However since the Maldives are an Islamic nation, alcohol is effectively banned for the local population. However, nearly all resorts and liveaboard boats are licensed to serve alcohol, usually with a steep markup.

What's the best currency to take to Maldives??

The currency of the Maldives is called the Rufiyah, which is linked to the dollar at around 12.75 Rufiyah to the dollar. However, most resorts and many local islands will accept the USdollar (bring small denominations such as $1, $5 and $10) as payment.

Which is the best month to visit Maldives??

However, the best time to visit Maldives is between November and April, i.e., during the dry season. December to March marks the peak tourist season or the best season to visit Maldives as, during this season, rainfall is almost negligible, and weather remains extremely pleasant.

What currency is used in Maldives??

Although as a tourist you really do not need to take much if any local currency. The best currency to take to the Madlives is either the Euro or the Dollar. Although many island allow and some prefer you to pay by card.

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