Mauritania visa requirements for Cameroonians

Travel and visa requirements

Mauritanian Visa is not required for Cameroonians

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Cameroonians intending to visit Mauritania must first apply for an E-visa.
  • This online pre-visa can be granted by the Mauritanian consulate in the applicant's home country.
  • On presentation of the pre-visa at the border checkpoint of Mauritania the traveller is then issued a visa on arrival.
  • This visa is valid for a maximum total stay of 90days within a one-year period.
  • Alongside the printed confirmation that a visa will be issued upon arrival, the traveller must also have a return/onward ticket.
  • A proof of hotel accommodation is also needed, as well as an international certificate of vaccination.
  • Cameroonians intending to visit Mauritania are required to provide a passport with six months of validity and with atleast two blank pages for stamps on arrival and departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mauritania known for??

The heartland of Mauritania consists of the vast Adrar and Tagant plateaus, known as the Trab el-Hajra (Arabic: “Country of Stone”). Until the 1980s nomadic life was prevalent in Mauritania, and among the Moorish population, the nomadic lifestyle is still idealized.

Is it safe to go to Mauritania??

The risk of kidnapping is also very high in Mauritania, particularly against Westerners in Nouakchott and Atar. It is also not safe to travel to the eastern and northern provinces of Mauritania - Tiris Zemmour, Adrar, Tagant, and Hodh el Chargui - due to the continuing high threat from terrorism throughout the country.

What is the official language of Mauritania??

The languages of Mauritania mainly consist of various Afroasiatic languages, including: Zenaga-Berber, Tamasheq-Berber, HassaaniyaArabic and Standard written ArabicFrench is also used due to colonial influence. Some ethnic minorities speak Niger-Congo languages.

What is the main religion in Mauritania??

Islam is by far the largest and most influential religion in the country, and has been since the 10th century. According to government census, 100% of the country's citizens are Muslim. Like much of North Africa, Mauritanians follow the Maliki school of Islam.

Was Mauritania part of Morocco??

MauritaniaMorocco relations are the relations between Mauritania and Morocco, two countries of the Maghreb, in West Africa. The two countries border each other since 1975, when Spain abandoned the Western Sahara most of which is now de facto under Moroccan control. The sovereignty of this territory remains disputed.

Hello how to apply for the Mauritania E-visa?

11 months ago

Please I wish to ask how I can apply for the evisa

How to request a Cameroon Visa for a Mauritania citizen?