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About Chile

Chile has a population of 17.5 million and its capital and largest city is Santiago. The official Language of the country is Spanish, however other indigenous languages are spoken.

Chile has a high standard of living and the lowest homicide rate in South America. The enormous length of the country is best covered with internal intercity flights. Metered taxis and buses are also available for short distances.

Due to the length of the country, there’s a variety of climate, with different regions having different weather. Generally, there are four seasons in the country. Casual wear, denim and summer dresses are sufficient for summer, and heavyweight clothing for winter.

Music, especially folk music is popular, and a unique dance style called cueca is also popular. Chile is such a colourful country and there a number of festivals to celebrate the country’s rich culture:
  • Grape harvest festival, to pay homage to Chilean wine
  • Vina del Mar International Song Festival
  • Festival of the Virgen del Carmen
  • Cultural heritage day
From hiking the Cerro San Cristobal in Santiago to skiing and other water sports to visiting one of the numerous national parks, there’s plenty to do and see in Chile. Some Places of interest for tourists are:
  • Los Flamencos National Park, which is home the famous salt lake of Atacama and the Valley of the moon
  • Elqui valley, a wine region
  • Valparaiso, a seaport and educational centre
  • National History Museum, where you can learn about Chilean and South American art
  • Parque Metropolitano, a public park with a garden and zoo
  • Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for stone statues called Moai
  • Los Pinguines Natural Monument, which is home to the famous penguins commonly sighted in September or October
Chile is one of the most developed South American country and a popular tourist destination. The country has numerous hotels scattered all over the vast area that guarantee comfort.