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Intercity STC Coaches Intercity STC Coaches Intercity STC Coaches Intercity STC Coaches

Intercity STC (ISTC) started publicly in 1909 as a Government Transport Department in Ghana to see the needs of the Federal Government. In March 1965, it was made a corporate body to run commercial passenger services and was called the State Transport Corporation (STC). It became Intercity STC Coaches Limited in 2003 October.

Currently, Intercity STC strives to be the leader in road passenger transit industry in Ghana and the ECOWAS sub-region. They consistently deliver the safest, most reliable road transport and allied services whilst meeting high comfortability standards.They also have a competent work force and their buses are equipped with the latest technologies and features to make road traveling pleasant.They also have a haulage service which was incorporated in January 1968 that competently provides transport of both dry and wet cargo.Their routes transverse most states in Ghana, from Accra to B unso in the east. They also cover cross country routes, reaching destinations such as Cotonou and Abidjan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are tickets transferable??

Tickets are not transferable and are valid only for the journey specified on the ticket.

When was Intercity STC coaches LTD Service founded??

Intercity STC coaches LTD Service was founded in the year 1965

Can I send stuffs or package through Intercity STC coaches LTD??

Yes, you can but it is advisable to drop the package at the office and not just to the bus driver because that way, you will be charged less.

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