Travel and Visa Requirements for Sao Tomeans

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Visa free countries for Sao Tomean passport holders

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Countries that require a visa for Sao Tomeans

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General Visa Requirement & Things to know before you travel

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Valid travel passport.
Visa application form.
Visa fee.
Evidence of permission to be in that country.
Photocopy of passport data page.
Financial proof, original bank statement.
Letter of invitations.

Schengen visa for Sao Tomeans

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Sao Tome and Principe is the second smallest sovereign state in Africa, both islands are part of an extinct volcanic range off the equatorial Western coast of Africa and situated in the Gulf of Guinea. the fertile soil is perfect for sugar, cocoa, and coffee plantation. The country is flush with beaches and resorts for tourists to enjoy activities like snorkeling, fishing, bird-watching, and jungle exploration. 

There is an annual increase of 24.6% of tourists that visit the country. 

Visa information for other Nationals

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